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Kali the Ramsaurian

Hiya, I am KALI and I am a dinosaur!

Let me tell you a secret: I am as old as the hills. Literally. I’m over 200 million years old! And where do I live? In Ramsau am Dachstein. There is so much to discover here! There are awesome mountains, exciting woods and vast Alpine pastures with lots of animals. I enjoy hiking very much; it is really great. Come on and join me on one of my walks! We’ll meet my friends, the horses, cattle, and sheep. And, as a reward, for each of you great hikers, there is the Kali hiking certificate, stories about my friends and, for a small fee, the Kali kids’ hiking pin. You can also meet me at the Ramsau Kid’s Parties, which take place on 12th and 19th July, and on 16th August, 2016. And, what’s more, – since I am the mascot of the Kid’s Club – I have a great holiday programme planned for you!

Can’t wait to meet you during your family holiday in Ramsau. Yours, Kali

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